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 Mirabelli Throwing School Trainee's Pre-Season Improvement List:

Chris Mirabelli JT 216-6, Shannon Grogan JT 94-118-11, Nicole Sanelli ST 30- 34-5,Alicia Hester ST 39'-42', Chris Siracusa DT 110-134, Nick Scelso JT 150-177, Sean Brennan DT 140-168,ST 45-54', Michelle Brazile ST 38'-41',Mariah Greco DT 90-111-9, Amy Suttmeir JT 127',JUlia Foering JT 92'-188',Jerry Fusco JT 130'-159-11,Bridget Douglas ST 34',JT 115'-124', Sarah Cicchetti Conn., ST 26'-36-10",Maggie Greaser 24'-29', Nick MIrabelli 8th  ST 32', DT 120', JT 130', Kaela Schier JT 89'-124', Ferris Ellington JT 90'-121', Colon Sipe ST 50'-56', DT 145'-160',Dee Sipe ST 27'-36',Sarah Cicchetti Conn. 24'-38'5'

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"The Mirabelli camp is perfect for the young and intermediate thrower. I loved the quick and informative presentation format which kept the athletes attention throughout the entire session. The variety of coaches and instructors is outstanding and they answered all questions with in-depth knowledge. It is a great start to a successful season." - Stephine Trafton    


9 Time Olympic & Gold Medalist CARL LEWIS

9 Time Olympic & Gold Medalist CARL LEWIS

"One of the best Learn-by-Doing Clinics around!"  Carl Lewis

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of clinic & Carl Lewis at the Mark Mirabeili Track & Field Clinic





The Mark Mirabelli Throwing School

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