Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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Count Down to Clinic!

Not to late to sign-up !

The 2018 Mark Mirabelli Track Clinic is next Sunday March 18th 

Avoid a $10 late charge at the door!

The Clinic will take place at the presigtious John Bennett Athletic Center (Bubble) Toms River ,

What you should bring on Sunday:

  • Shot Putters bring indoor shots and towel
  • Discus Throwers: Discus and Towel
  • Javelin Throwers (Javelin or PVC Pipe and towel)
  • Clinic Notes are on the menu on left 2018 clinic notes please print out before coming
  • No Track spikes only training shoes
  • Pack a Lunch: I will have water and Philly Pretzels for $1 each
  • Beautiful Clinic T-Shirts will be on sale for only $10 Limited amount(cash/credit card)

New 6 lane 200m track  

A great "Learn by Doing Experence" for coaches and athletes!

Clinic notes for all events

Super $200 Team Discount with a team of 10 $650

Individual $85 

Register on-line today or print out and mail check

Learn from Olympians and Renowned Clinicians from around the USA 

Clinic will be inside and out for the


2018 Featured Staff:

Mark Mirabelli (Elite Throwing Specialist), Olympic Gold Medalist Stephaine Trafton Discus & Shot), USA Great James Plumber), Cary Huggard (TTR Performance Speed Team),Olympic Bronze Jack Pierce (Hurdles), Olympic Distance Runner (Erin Donohue),Tim Brennan Certified Level 2 (Hurdles & Long Jump),Barry Jackson (400m Hurdles and starts), Jack West (Hurdles),USA Great John Taylor (Javelin), Olympic Trials winner Brian Chaput(Javelin), Elite coach Warren Robinson (Javelin), Two Guest Throwers (Javelin), Event Specialist Will Hendrix ( Shot & Discus), Jack Mulder (Shot & Discus),Chris Gugliemo (Shot & Discus), Barry Swanson (Elite Throwing Specialist Shot & Discus), Karen Gaita ( Certified 2 High Jump Best), Pete Kane (Triple Jump Certified 2 coach). Rob Andrews (Distance) just added to staff!,Brian Cortina (Shot Put,Discus)



Personal Throwing Sessions this Fall & Winter are open!

in the Javelin - Discus - Shot Put


                                                 email: mark@mmtrackandfield.com 

Fall & Winter Training Begins !  

email Mark: mark@mmtrackandfield.com 


Testimonials From The Best:

"The Mirabelli camp is perfect for anyone young or old of all levels! I loved the quick and informative presentation format which kept the athletes attention throughout the entire session. The variety of coaches and instructors is outstanding and they answered all questions with in-depth knowledge. It is a great start to a successful season!

Stephine Trafton Olympic Gold Medalist Discus



9 Time Olympic & Gold Medalist CARL LEWIS

9 Time Olympic & Gold Medalist

"One of the best Learn-by-Doing Clinics around!"  Carl Lewis

Click any picture above to view TV video
of clinic & Carl Lewis at the Mark Mirabeili Track & Field Clinic




The Mark Mirabelli Throwing School

Winter Sessions Available
Personal Training

Shot Put - Discus - Javelin

  • individual and small group sessions
  • video analyzed with Dartfish technology
  • morning and evening sessions

609-267-4810 / 609-937-6462


The Mark Mirabelli Throwing Series



The Mark Mirabelli Throwing Series
Mark Mirabelli Available Now!
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